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Terms & Condtions

  1. Work with clients is carried out on conditions of an advance payment.
  2. The order and payment should be received by us not later than for 4 days before loading the plane. It guarantees performance of the order.
  3. The minimal party of the order - 5 boxes ((~100 kg) 1200 stalks).
  4. Quantity of roses in the box:
    90 cm - 200-250 pieces
    80 cm - 250-300 pieces
    70 cm - 250-300 pieces
    60 cm - 350-400 pieces
    50 cm - 400-450 pieces
    40 cm - 450-500 pieces

    Quantity of carnations in the box:
    Select - 800-1000 pieces
    Fansi - 1000-1200 pieces

  5. We bear the full responsibility for quality of a delivered flower. In case of a problem with quality, client should make the complaint in current 48 hours after reception of the goods. The photo of flowers is necessary for consideration of the claim on a background of the label of opened box and the written claim with the detailed description of defect. The company compensates losses (cost of the flowers FOB Ecuador + transport charges) in following deliveries.